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Scrum is the most popular Agile framework. According to’s 16th annual report, 87% of organizations using an Agile framework use Scrum. That’s up from 58% of Agile teams using Scrum, as documented in the 14th annual State of Agile report.

Scrum is simple; that is its power. Scrum’s simplicity allows teams to focus on delivering value and responding to change rather than getting bogged down in complexity.

Simplicity also keeps the framework agile and adaptable, allowing teams to respond quickly to changing business problems and market conditions, create their own agendas for the events and decide how best to work together to deliver value.

Scrum reduces the overhead and administrative burden associated with product development. With a simple framework, teams can focus on delivering usable products rather than administrative tasks. Productivity improves, and the time to market for new features and products is shorter.

Because the framework is easy to understand, teams can quickly learn and get started using Scrum to deliver value and improve quality and customer satisfaction.

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  • 7.5 minutes
  • 15 multiple choice questions

All unanswered questions will be counted as incorrect answers.

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1. The Product Backlog is usually ordered by:

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2. The following are mandatory skills for a Scrum Master:

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3. A great Scrum Master:

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4. Who can attend Daily Scrum?

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5. Appraisals in Scrum are the accountability of (select all that apply):

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6. An Increment is: (Select all that apply)

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7. Empiricism is NOT:

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8. Arrange following scrum practices according to the order in which they are carried out.

  1. Sprint planning
  2. Daily scrum meet
  3. Sprint retrospective meet
  4. Sprint review meet
  5. Sprint

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9. A Product Increment must be: (Select all that apply)

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10. True Leadership means:

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11. Inspect and Adapt is the accountability of: (Select all that apply)

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12. Product Backlog Items (User Stories) can be written by:

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13. The following is true regarding the Definition of Done:

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14. How does the Scrum Master help the Product Owner? Select all that apply.

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15. When the Sales department Vice President asks the Developers to add a new urgent item to the ongoing Sprint:

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